Are you organizing an event? Entrust us with the transportation logistics for your guests and clients. Whether it's for a congress, a show, a festival, a tournament, an office party, or a wedding, our 24/7 dispatch team will coordinate the necessary vehicles to ensure mobility for everyone.

Do you have an unconventional project or concept in mind? Contact our sales team to discuss it: [email protected]. Our agile and flexible team can help you evaluate the feasibility.

Depending on the type of event you’re planning, you can choose between our 2 packages: 



Repositioning is an activity done by a main headquarter agent, who ensures the continuous repositioning of taxis in the event zone.   

Repositioning is not recommended for events with upwards of 200 guests. 


0-99 guests: $100 per 3-hour block 

100+ guests: $150 per 3-hour block



A valet ensures the management and availability of taxis onsite. He or she anticipates the needs and secures the customers. 

Fees apply for cancelling less than 5 days before the event. 

Rates (minimum 3 hours)

200-299 guests: $75/h (1 valet)

300-499 guests: $140/h (2 valets)

500+ guests: $195/h (3 valets)


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